Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New feautre!

August is here!!! aka MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!! (8-21!) But, besides that we are closing up on the second month of the brand. I'm still working out the kinks for everything but overall i'm happy with how much the brand has grown. I recently added a email subscription application that allows you to sign up for the latest news and posts. This is a great way to keep updated with the brand because everybody doesn't have time to check the website or blog everyday. Everybody does check their email everyday though. So make sure to join the movement when you see the forum pop up. I know we all hate pop ups so I will be testing out if the method works better compared to a forum just on the contact page.

Believe it or not the T+T Basketball league has a few game days left before the playoffs. Its crazy how time has flown by. The fifth installment of the Sideline Story is being worked on but catch the latest webisode here:
I have the third inspirational testimony for the website coming soon. I know you guys are gonna love the story because I loved it. The story shows that the brand is working and effective.

Yesterday, I read a post on facebook that was shared. It was titled "the top 10 most boring communities in Mass". I had a feeling Taunton would be on the list and come to find out it was. Doesn't surprise me because I have been living here the past 10+ years. Reason why I bring the post up is because I want to change the atmosphere in this city. There isn't enough activities or events to do for young people. And we all know when you don't have anything to do you tend to get in trouble. The post is most likely one man/woman's opinion but its the truth. I believe this brand can make a strong effect on this city and the state when all is said and done. Just have to work on change and it will come.

Alright i'm out! Until next time stay cool like a igloo.

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-Jimmy V
 "Why not live with the drive to inspire, my ambition is flawless"-Wale


  1. Do you think you will be doing more activities like the league in the seasons to come?

  2. I would like to do more activities in the seasons to come. Organizing everything would be the only issue because it takes different people to handle multiple responsibilities. If you can't rely on a person to handle their responsibility then the whole team and ultimately the activity will be negatively effected. But, stay tuned

  3. Sounds like you have a positive mission to create positivity in your community. Keep it up!

    Thanks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday.


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